Divine Assignments

I live a life of luxury.  I feel I must say this upfront, just so what I’m about to say doesn’t seem too far-fetched.  Disclaimer over.

I do laundry nearly every day of my life.  That’s not a complaint.  I don’t mind doing laundry.  I don’t mind sorting and pre-treating and even handwashing.  I find something soothing about creating piles and piles of clean clothing.  When I run out of clothes to wash, I was comforters and winter coats and tablecloths.  Just about every thing in our house that can go in a washing machine is clean.

But oh how I hate to fold and put away clean laundry.  Chris, however, finds folding soothing, not because he loves it (he doesn’t) but because he can tick it off of his list of things to do.  Folding laundry gives him a feeling of accomplishment.

Not only does he fold, he puts clothes on hangers and makes deliveries.  I dump clean clothes into heaps, and then I mysteriously find my clean laundry neatly folded or on hangers waiting for me on my bed.  I’m very serious about my sleep, so Chris knows if he puts my laundry on the bed, I will put it away.  I need a clear bed for a good night’s sleep.

And that’s why when I got out of the shower on Monday morning, I found an outfit folded and waiting for me on the bed.  Chris hadn’t intended to pick out my clothes for the day, but I took the lone outfit as a sign from God that I should wear it, so I did.  Donned in my workout capris and dance ministry t-shirt, I set out for the day.

I had some appointments to keep, beginning with dropping the kids at camp.  When I dropped them off, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to go get my eyebrows threaded.  I know it sounds strange, but stay with me.  I didn’t know why He wanted me to get my eyebrows threaded.  I thought perhaps I would have a need to be impeccably groomed on short notice, hoping to receive an invitation to dine with President and First Lady Obama (which of course would require impeccable grooming).  I’ve been waiting for eight years for my invitation, especially since I emailed the President this past President’s Day and received a reply from him.  I know the reply was from his people, but I keep telling myself that I’m on his radar.  Don’t ruin it for me.  At any rate, I decided to go get my eyebrows done after making my appointments, because the place I like to go to would be on my home.

So I dropped off the children and went to my first appointment.  As I was leaving, a woman stopped me, asking about my t-shirt.  I told her all about dance ministry at my church, and she mentioned she has a daughter who had just moved back to St. Louis and was looking for a church with a dance ministry.  I left her with notes about my church and our dance ministry and with a thankful heart.  I was glad God had used Chris to pick out just the right outfit for me and placed me in front of just the right person as a way to help someone get to know Him better through the ministry of dance.  I thanked God for a divine appointment that I never saw coming but that He had orchestrated and prepared me for in advance.

After my appointments I went home, completely forgetting about getting my eyebrows threaded.  I remembered later in the afternoon, but I didn’t want to go back out and drive to the shop.  The establishment isn’t a far drive from home, but it’s not close, and it just wasn’t in me.

On Tuesday, again when I dropped off the children, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to go get my eyebrows threaded.  The place is near where I take the children for camp, but I drop them off at camp over an hour before the shop opens.  I didn’t want to wait around, so I went home and never made it back out.

Again today, when I dropped off the kids, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to go get my eyebrows threaded.  I determined I would do just that, but I faced the same problems I had the previous days.  The shop wouldn’t be open for over an hour and once I got out of the area I wouldn’t want to go back.  So I decided to find a different eyebrow threading place closer to home.  I couldn’t find one.

So this afternoon I went back out to go to my eyebrow threading place.  On the way, I saw a woman on the street requesting money.  I gave her some money, but what I really wanted to give her was some sunscreen; she was badly sunburned.  She accepted my money cheerfully and gratefully and offered to share her almonds with me.  I declined, but her generosity struck me.  What had just happened was another divine appointment.  This time, I wasn’t the one demonstrating Christ, but rather the woman who had next to nothing.  She didn’t have any way to repay me, so she offered to share all that she had to show her gratitude.

Her servant’s heart remained on my mind as I sat down in the threading chair at the shop.  And it was a good thing, too, because I realized shortly after sitting down that I would be a guinea pig (but not the finicky kind like Elvis).  The woman threading my eyebrows was still in training.  She did a nice job, particularly regarding her threading technique.  it really didn’t hurt at all – not even around my moles, which can sometimes be uncomfortable.  By the time she finished, each eyebrow looked good, but they didn’t look the same.  Fortunately I didn’t mind and she learned some more tricks of her craft.  I believe that was another divine appointment.  This woman needed someone to practice on, and I didn’t mind.  I’m glad God sent me to her, and I am sorry I didn’t go to her sooner.  She probably experienced some unnecessary trouble because of my disobedience.

Life is full of divine assignments.  Don’t second guess God, just let Him use you.

Photograph of the sunscreen I'm going to put in my car for the next time I see a person in need - yes it's SPF 50. I am so serious about sun protection.
Photograph of the sunscreen I’m going to put in my car for the next time I see a person in need – yes it’s SPF 50. I am so serious about sun protection.


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