Bonus Post – Importance of Writing Center Work

I was journaling and pondering my life when I wrote the following.

I want to help people learn to become better writers (although, really, I’m not sure why I care about that so much but I do).  I think it’s because in the process of becoming better writers, we become better people who learn to get in touch with who we are and who we are in community.  By learning to express ourselves better in writing, we learn to think better and dream better and love better, and explore better, and live better.  In learning to write better we learn to look for purpose and meaning in the world and in ourselves.  Writing is a gateway to exploring the fullness of our humanity and how God divinely orchestrates our roles in the world.  Learning to write better enhances our ability to be and think and do and create, to understand we have purpose and to fulfill it.  Writing is living at its fullest, and being able to help people live is a worthy endeavor, indeed.

Journal, pencil, and pencil sharpener by Unsplash on Pixabay at


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