TG has been lobbying for a dog, but Chris and I told her we didn’t believe she was responsible enough.  So she suggested she start doing her own laundry.  I readily agreed, much to her surprise.  (Although why she was surprised remains a mystery.)

Today I purchased one of those laundry hampers that has different bins for sorting.  I figured it wasn’t fair for her to have to dig through the laundry hamper she shares with her brother to find her laundry to do it.  So, I put together the hamper and separated out their clothes.

She was shocked, horrified even, when I explained to her the intent behind the hamper.  “You mean I really have to do my own laundry?” she said.

Universal rule #128 – Once you get on the responsibility train, you do not get off.

Many people at a crowded subway station. Image on Pixabay by Unsplash at

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