Over the course of a week, and often only a day, I shed numerous tears.  Sometimes allergens make them fall, other times laughter.  Sometimes sadness, grief, or sorrow make me weep, other times unadulterated joy.  I cry when I read, when I watch TV or movies, when other people cry, when I’m feeling any emotion at all, when I’m sleepy, when I’m hungry.

So I wondered today if teardrops are like snowflakes in that no two are the same.  As it turns out, different types of tears have varying chemical compositions and crystallize differently.  This article has some fascinating images of teardrops under microscopes.

For some reason, knowing that my tears leave a different footprint for each reason that causes them makes me happy.  Perhaps its because I further recognize that God shows exquisite care in every detail.  And that of course, brings me to tears.

Close up of Roshaunda’s eye

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