Reunion, Pt 14

“I’m sorry to call so late.”  Kaidis practically whispered.

“That’s fine.”  Intrigue sparked Latroy.  “What’s up?”

“Can you come over early tomorrow?  Like 6:45?”

“Sure.  Why?”

“I can’t get out of my dress.”  Kadis sighed.  “I need you to come and unstick my zipper and get me out of my dress, but I’ll still need time to shower and get ready.”

“I can come now.  I’m on my way.”  Still dressed, he picked up his keys and headed for his door.

“No.  Don’t come.  It can wait.”

“What is your plan?  To sleep in your dress?”

“Yes.  That is my plan.”

Latroy plopped into a chair.  “Girl, you are so stubborn.”  Kaidis felt melty again, at just that word that she hated out of anyone else’s mouth.  The passion he said it with made it so different.  Of course, it also usually came at a time of frustration.  “I’ll just come now.”

“I don’t want you to have an hour of travel time here and back just to get me out of a dress and then have to come back again early to pick me up for church.”

“I certainly don’t mind travel time to get you out of a dress.  I’d drive longer than that to get you out of a dress.”  He paused.  “I could just come now, bring a bag with me, and get ready for church there.”  Latroy hesitated.  “I don’t have to do all of this traveling.”

“No.  Absolutely not.”

“Honestly.  I think we can manage being in the same house and not do anything.”  A smile filled his voice.  “Or are you not sure we could do that?”

“Goodness.  I know nothing would happen.  I just am not going to disrespect my parents by having a man sleep over in the their house.”

“My God.  What are you?  15?”

“No.  I just believe my bible.  Just cuz I’m grown doesn’t mean I can stop honoring my father and mother.”

“Are you always this self-righteous?”

“I’m not trying to be self-righteous.  And no, I’m not.  It was all I could do to come into the house alone tonight.  You’re making my life a lot more complicated than it was a day ago.”

“Good.  Relationships are complicated.  It’s nice to know we’re both in this one.”

“Latroy, I just can’t with you tonight.  I’m exhausted.  Can the complicated talk wait until the morning?”

“Fine.  But the complicated talk needs to happen.”

“OK.  But not before 6:45 tomorrow.”

“Fine.  I’ll see you then.”  He paused, contemplating.  “Get some sleep, Sugar.”


“What?  No good?”

Kaidis giggled.  “It’s OK.”

“Alright, I’ll keep working on it.  I’ll see you bright and early.”

Lavender rose by kittomalley on Pixabay at

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