Stop Light

I’ve always believed that drivers should stop at red lights.  It seems right and good to me for people to do so.  It seems safe.  It seems like something all drivers have learned to do at one time or another.  But I think I might be wrong.

Last night, I had a green arrow to turn left.  The vehicles going the other way had a red light.  Of course they did.  If they didn’t, a collision would occur.  One driver, however, either didn’t see the red light or chose to ignore it.  This driver also chose to ignore the blue impala that was turning left in front of it.  The ignoring continued until the driver running the red light decided to lean on the horn and gesticulate at the blue impala who’s driver had just slammed on the brakes in order to avoid imminent death.

Today, I had a red light.  I stopped.  The cars going in the other direction had a green light.  I saw their light – yes, I can confirm it was green.  I desired to turn right, which is legal to do at this intersection on a red light, but alas, traffic didn’t allow me to do so.  And by traffic prohibiting me from doing so, I mean a long line of cars kept coming and coming – no breaks in traffic at all.  Nevertheless, the driver behind me laid on the horn and gesticulated wildly at me.  I’m really not sure what the driver wanted me to do.  Proceed into oncoming traffic and get annihilated?

So perhaps I’m ill-informed.  Perhaps red no longer means stop but go.

Red light traffic signal by ClkerFreeVectorImages on Pixabay at
Red light traffic signal by ClkerFreeVectorImages on Pixabay at

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