Crime Scene

I stepped outside of my school building today to get a bit of fresh air.  On my way out, I ran into another teacher and we exchanged greetings.  I walked past the building a bit and waved at one of the grounds keepers.  As I continued down the sidewalk, I noticed a woman laying in the grass.  Face down.

She didn’t look like she was taking a nap.

I approached her, trying to determine if she was asleep or in distress.  I looked around and didn’t notice anyone other than the two people I had passed earlier.

As I got closer I saw a pair of shoes on the sidewalk and a purse on the other side of the sidewalk with its contents spilling across the grass.

I reached into my pocket to grab my pone, and I walked over to the woman to see if she was ok.

Then I discovered what was going on.

It wasn’t a woman at all.  It was a very life-like mannequin that was part of a mock crime scene for the forensics class.  This isn’t the first time I’ve been caught off guard by a forensics class lesson.  I’ve run into crime scenes of all sorts in the hallways.  Once I had to step around a tape outline of a body on my way to the restroom.

Maybe one day I’ll get used to it.

Crime scene graphic by geralt on Pixabay at
Crime scene graphic by geralt on Pixabay at


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