Skirts and Dresses

I like skirts and dresses.  In them I often feel elegant and sexy and practical and lively and young and sophisticated.  Depending on the style, I often find them to be considerably more comfortable than pants.  And I love comfort.  Being comfortable is one of my top motivators.  Really, one of the only downsides to skirt and dress wearing is having to wear leggings or shorts underneath them, and that’s not even so bad when it’s not summer, since the extra layer will keep you warm.

I’m not worried so much about modesty, because the styles I like to wear see me safely through my daily activities.  No, I have to wear an outfit under an outfit, as a colleague once said, because I just can’t stand to have my thighs rub together.  If you don’t struggle with your thighs rubbing together, I’m happy for you.  But for me, that struggle is very real.

Anyway, because I was thinking about skirts and dresses, I Googled a variety of topics concerning them.  I had no idea that the decision to wear a skirt or a dress is apparently a big deal – a big political deal, a big religious deal, a big feminist deal, a big femininity deal, and even a big deal when taken in conjunction with how many children you choose to have.  While I understand the decision to wear skirts and dresses exclusively differs from my decision to include skirts and dresses in my wardrobe regularly, I don’t understand why women feel as if they need to answer to people for these decisions.

What else I don’t understand is why so many women apparently feel it’s sacrilegious to wear skirts and dresses.  Is it because pants are now an option when they weren’t 100 years ago?  Is it because we want to do everything men can do?  Is it because we harbor guilt, resentment, and shame from unpleasant childhood memories?

When was the last time you watched a little girl in a skirt or dress?  Some of them hate it, for sure, but I’m talking about one of the many little girls who love wearing skirts and dresses.  They will run and jump and play and crawl in the dirt and make mud pies and paint and live life joyously all for the sensation of wearing a skirt or dress.  They love how these fashionable pieces twirl and how they move about the legs like snakes and how they can catch a breeze and how they look and how they themselves look in them.

Who is going to shame a little girl for loving to wear skirts and dresses simply because that is her preference?

Then why would we do the same thing to a woman who makes the same choice?

Silhouette of a woman in a long skirt or dress by OpenClipartVectors on Pixabay at
Silhouette of a woman in a long skirt or dress by OpenClipartVectors on Pixabay at



  1. Very true! I think women (and every other human being) should be allowed to wear whatever they feel like wearing without being shamed. We need to stop bullying. Thanks for sharing!

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