Bieber Believer

One day at lunch with some colleagues, I was singing along to nearly every song on the radio.  The tunes spanned Kesha, Prince, and who knows what else, and my eclectic taste in music surprised them.  Clearly they hadn’t gotten to know me well, because those of you in the know, know that I will sing along with anything with a tune.

I love music, all kinds of music, and I’m especially enamored with pop music.  One reason is that it’s easily accessible.  All I have to do is turn on a radio, and I can hear the same songs over and over and over again.  This repetitive listening allows me, for good or for ill, to discover and memorize lyrics that crack me up or pique my interest in some way.

My latest beloved lyrics come from Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself.”  I laugh and laugh every time I hear the song.  I mean, really, how awful is a relationship if someone feels compelled to write, “My mama don’t like you, and she likes everyone?”  And then he goes on to write, “And I didn’t want to write a song,” but he wrote the song.  Ah the hilarity.

But my absolute favorite, his piece de resistance, is the line “You should go and love yourself.”  I’m sure he means a four-letter word, but I don’t think he means a four-letter word that starts with “l.”  Ah, the drama of writing lyrics that will receive radio airplay – the struggle is apparently real.

For these reasons, today I am a Bieber Believer.

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