Peculiar Phrases

When I hear phrases like this…

I was just thinking to myself, in my head, about my own personal opinion on the matter.  And I determined for myself that I could care less about it.

I often think this…

Of course you’re thinking to yourself.  You can’t think to anyone else.  Where else would you think but in your head?  By definition that’s where thinking happens.  When we’re thinking with other various body parts, we’re not really thinking, now are we?  Who else’s opinion would you have besides your own personal one?  Don’t you think you’re going a little heavy on the self-reflexive speech?  On what matter?  Now, you can determine things for other people (I determine things for my children all the time, for example), but typically when you are determining an opinion on some undisclosed matter, you are determining that opinion for yourself.  Really?  You could care less?  Don’t talk to me until you couldn’t care less about it.  I want you to be at your nadir of caring before I’ll accept comment.  And really, what is it?  Although you do have a referent (matter), it’s ambiguous at best.

I never said I was right.

Study English Wordle 11-19-15
Wordle image created from the words of the Study English post

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