Good Food in the Hood

Dear Hood Food Establishment,

Just because you’re in the hood and have thick glass separating customers from employees and make customers slide money through a window while you slide food through a different window doesn’t mean that you are allowed to run out of food at dinner time.

Please don’t tell me about your guy who couldn’t get to the store.  Please don’t tell me I have to come to your restaurant by lunch time just to get something off of your menu.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed our meal.  My family tells me the wings were delicious, and I thoroughly enjoyed my lettuce-wrapped turkey burger (thank you for being accommodating to my dietary needs).

But seriously, just because you’re serving good food in the hood that doesn’t give you pass from being able to serve your menu.

Still have a taste for something,

Lettuce by JennyWojcik on Pixabay at
Lettuce by JennyWojcik on Pixabay at

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