Classroom Curiosities

Yesterday I had two intriguing interactions with students.  Keep in mind I teach English.  That is important to know.

One student was writing his assignment in French.  I told him he had to write his assignment in English.
He replied, “No I don’t.”
I responded, “Yes, you do.  This is English class.”

Another student had already been marked absent, due to a field trip, on my attendance screen, but I was looking at her sitting in her seat doing her work.  I asked her what was going on, and she said that she was excused all day for a field trip, but since they got back early, she decided to come to class, although she technically didn’t have to.  I told her I was happy she decided to come, and she said, “Yeah, well, I actually think your class is pretty interesting, but I can’t go around letting people know I think that.”

Chalkboard with “Welcome to Class” written on it by Tumisu on Pixabay at

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