You Don’t Know Me

This morning, when it was almost time to go, I noticed TG had on too-short grey sweatpants with orange accents and a faded blue racer-back tank top with red, white, and blue writing on it.  I honestly thought she had slept in it, so I told her to go get dressed.  She replied that she was already dressed.

??? (That’s what my face did.)

I told her to change out of the too-short sweatpants that we have discussed before; so I knew she knew she shouldn’t have even tried the sweatpants.  Seriously.

Later, when it actually was time to go, and she still had on her not-pajamas, I asked her why she hadn’t changed, and she said, “Oh, do I still need to change pants?  I thought it wouldn’t matter.”

Why do my children act like they just met me yesterday?

Close up of Roshaunda’s eye

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