Happy Valentine’s Day

A dozen roses and a box of candy for Valentine's Day
A dozen roses and a box of candy for Valentine’s Day

This year for Valentine’s Day Chris gave me red, white, and pink roses and a box of candy.  I know this quintessential Valentine’s present may not sound noteworthy, but, to me, it is.  This is the first time in 23 years Chris has given me this traditional gift.  He jokingly said this is the first time he got it right, but I had to correct him.  He always gets it right; this is the first time he got it quintessential.

Every year for Valentine’s Day Chris showers me with love, but that often doesn’t look like traditional gifting.  Because he loves me, he seeks to gift me with things that make me happy, and let’s face it, my tastes often do not run to the traditional.

Honestly, this year’s gifting isn’t an exception.  Some of my students were selling roses as a fundraiser, so Chris bought some.  He knows that my students make me happy, so supporting them makes me happy.  And the candy?  Some days after work I slip into a nearby candy store and buy myself a few pieces of candy.  So Chris took me to the store, asked me pick out my favorites, and had the sales woman box them up.

Candy and roses were a common gift in a novel I just read that dealt with domestic abuse.  To make up for brutalizing his wife, the husband would gift her with candy, roses, lingerie, even a new car.  To the outside world, his gifting seemed a spontaneous and sweet outpouring of love.  Sadly for the woman in the novel, that was not the case.

But for me it is – in so many ways.  For example, Chris does all of the grocery shopping.  I could stop there, but I’ll continue, because in addition to doing the shopping, he handpicks items just for me.  Food is one of the ways he shows his love, and acts of service are another.  Every day of my life I see the love of God through how much Chris loves me.

And that has really been striking to me as I read the novel – how different my life is compared to so many women out there.  I know that I am loved and treasured both by God and by a godly man.  It breaks my heart that so many women don’t feel the same love.

If you or anyone you know doesn’t know the joy of being loved by a godly man, you can know the joy of being loved by God.  Because He loves you.

A husband’s love for his wife represents God’s love for each of us.  Just as Chris knows me and what makes me happy, and just as he anticipates my needs, God does the same thing for us.  God has gifted us with His Son Jesus.  God knew we needed someone to save us from our sins and to restore fellowship with Him, so God sent Jesus to do just that for us.

So on this Valentine’s Day, try not to get caught up in the commercialized, idealized, romanticized, and fantasized notion of love.  Know instead that the God of the universe loves you and is waiting for you to accept the gift of His love.

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