New Meaning

The words “Snow Day” just took on new meaning for me.

Sure, my lesson plans will have to change, but I can figure that out.  Sure, I could spend the entire day (no exaggeration) grading and preparing, but I won’t – at least not the whole day, just some of it.  Sure, it will be difficult to get my students back into the swing of things when we return, especially since it was a short week anyway, but we’ll work it out together.  Sure, I just reread this paragraph thinking about ways to teach compound-complex sentences and the intricacies of spacing around punctuation in MLA, APA, and Chicago style, but I can’t help that, so I won’t try.

A day at home to make snow ice cream and snow angels with my children is just what I needed.  A day at home to rest is just what I needed.  A day at home to clean is just what I needed.  A day at home to catch up on my laundry is just what I needed.  A day at home to dream and construct my future is just what I needed.  But I suppose dreaming is what I’m doing right now, because clearly I’m getting carried away.  We just have one snow day, not five.

Do I plan out my day, prioritizing an agenda?  Do I go with the flow and let the day dictate my plans?  I suppose neither of those options is the best.  If I don’t determine to do some things, I’ll spend all day on the internet or in a book, and playing, grading, planning, cleaning, and laundering won’t get done.  If I plan out everything – oh who am I kidding?  That was never a real option, anyway.  So a sketch it is: a loosely determined guideline of snow day deliverables.

So many possibilities are wrapped up in these two little words: Snow Day.

My snow covered house 2013
My snow covered house in 2013


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