Reunion, Pt 10

“Do you regret that our relationship never went anywhere?” Latroy asked.

“No.  I don’t.”  She wiped at the remaining tears.  “I can only see two outcomes, well three – all bad – if we had launched a relationship.”

“Go on.”

“I think if we had dated all through high school we would have grown weary of each other and had a horrible break up before college.  If we had started dating right before going away to college, the long distance would have killed our relationship.  Or if we had dated and had stuck it out, then I never would have fallen in love with and married Kyle and had our four beautiful children.”

“Wow,” Latroy said.  “That last one kind of hurt.”

She didn’t mean to hurt him, but Kaidis believed with all of her soul that God intended for her and Kyle to be together, so anything that would have prevented that from happening was a bad thing to her mind.  “But look where we are now,” Kaidis said with a smile.

“What?  In the back of my truck?”

“Yes we are that, and we are that… together.”

Latroy tugged Kaidis onto his lap, despite her protests.  “I weigh too much,” she said.

“Girl, you only weigh about 10 lbs more than you did when we graduated from high school.”  And he was right.  She couldn’t believe how much Latroy remembered about her and about them.  Maybe his crying story was real.

“You’re right.  Although at one point I was up to 50 lbs more, but I eventually got serious about being healthy again.”  She couldn’t help but giggle at her next morbid thought.  “And having your husband die is a natural appetite suppressant.”  Her giggles might also have been due to Latroy’s admissions and maybe how good it felt sitting atop his warm lap.

Latroy reached to push up her glasses, but he pulled them off instead  and laid them safely in his built-in tool box.  “What are you doing?”  Kaidis questioned.

“Something I’ve been wanting to do for nearly the past 30 years.”  Latroy cupped his hands around her face, and he kissed her.

Lavender rose by kittomalley on Pixabay at

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