Happy New Year

I write this post cautiously, nay conservatively.  I have so much on my mind, that the better course of action is to say less and reserve more.  But in the spirit of the day, I want to share some resolutions that I have.  These resolutions are not just for me, however.  They are for the world.  My job (and I hope yours, too) is to discover how I can take part in bringing these resolutions to fulfillment and then act accordingly.

  1. More peace
  2. More readily available high quality education for more people
  3. More equality
  4. More equity
  5. More people living the love of Christ
  6. Less hunger
  7. Less homelessness
  8. Less abuse
  9. Less self-hate
Happy New Year 2016 over an image of the world by FordMaverick on Pixabay at https://pixabay.com/en/new-year-s-day-3d-computer-graphics-1086902/


  1. Everything starts at home. So for numbers one, five, and nine, I must practice them. Instead of beating myself up for my faults, I plan to focus more on my strengths. That will go a long way to having peace in my home, and it will also help me to live out Christ’s love, which accepts people as they are. It will be a good example for my children. Creating a good world for my children is always important to me, so for the rest, I plan to expose them to some of the bad in the world and volunteer to help make it better, if only for a person. My prayer is that as more people impact their individual corners of the world, the world will become better. Thanks for reading and asking.

  2. I love your resolutions for 2016! My favorite is more peace. My pastor at my home church in Atlanta preached about that on Sunday. It was outstanding and gave me food and fuel for going into the new year with the right focus, I hope to see you in the new year! I also love the boots!

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