Classic Retellings

Youtube logos by geralt on Pixabay at

My students tell me that I should record my retellings of the books we read for class and post them on Youtube.  I had a friend tell me today that I should post Youtube videos of my retellings of stories.  TB has told me I should be on Youtube, but he has never indicated what he thinks I should be doing on Youtube.

I’ve never really thought that I do anything Youtube worthy, but then again, I suppose many people who post to Youtube regularly do not.

Apparently I need to rethink what is and isn’t worthy of an audience larger than the family, friends, and students I entertain.  Or maybe my audience doesn’t grow past this small circle.  Perhaps my small band of fans just wants the retellings on Youtube so they can see them whenever they want to.

Or maybe they’re just trying to make me feel good.

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