That’s Entertainment

Creative People Meme
Creative People meme I saw on Facebook posted by Evolver Social Movement

I saw this meme and instantly liked and disliked it.  I found the characteristics interesting and found myself in some of them.  Then as I thought of other creative people I know, I found them in some of them, too.

Then I thought, hmm, making this list is probably freeing to those creative souls who find themselves in this list, because they so frequently don’t find themselves in the endless lists that float through the internet.  But I also thought that even making a list boxes in the people who probably most hate boxes.

What a conundrum.  We need a list to free us from confines, but in making the list, we may imprison those who most wish to be free.

I think this post typifies why #1 is not accurate for me.  I’m almost never bored.  The endless, and often useless, things that circulate in my mind keep me very entertained.

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