Perpetual Consumption

Elvis the guinea pig mean mugging for the paparazzi

Elvis, our guinea pig, loves to eat.  As far as we can tell, eating is the only thing he loves.  It is, bar none, his favorite pastime.

This afternoon as he hungrily and happily munched on some lettuce, he got it into his head that somebody was going to put more food into his bowl.  So he stopped mid-munch, looked into his bowl, then climbed onto his bowl, which he does when he wants food, so he does it a lot, then recognized that we weren’t about to give him any food since he was already eating, then he realized that he had lost his lettuce.

He panicked for a moment, looking around the platform of his cage, where he likes to eat.  (Did I mention he is a persnickety guinea pig with high brow tastes?)  He soon realized, however, that he was on top of the much-sought-after lettuce.

Once he dislodged the lettuce from beneath his belly (he really is a big little dude), he continued his merry munching.

Now that is entertainment.


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