10 Things I’ve Learned from Studying English

  1. Asking why is a great way to approach a text as well as challenges you face in life.
  2. You won’t like everything, and that’s ok.  That doesn’t mean you can’t learn something from everything.
  3. There is always more to learn.  Really, you haven’t arrived, and you probably never will.
  4. There is no such thing as a finished paper.  There are only due dates.
  5. Modifying the rules of writing and grammar, and various modes of written expression in general, to suit your own purposes, is thrilling and effective, but only if you understand fully how to conform to the tenets before you modify them.
  6. Silence
  7. Analysis becomes you.  You find it difficult to refrain from breaking down situations (and everything really) into subcomponents to mine for meaning.
  8. Researching is a fun, vital part of existing.
  9. In order to understand anything, you must first learn a little bit about everything.  You can’t understand a text until you understand the historical, political, social, economical, ecological, biological, medical, scientific, etc. world of that text and its author.  It’s the same in life.
  10. Writing offers infinitely more opportunities to revise than does speaking.
  11. Regardless of your intellectual prowess in fields other than English, people will always assume you’re bad at math.
Wordle image created from the words of the Study English post
Wordle image created from the words of the Study English post

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