Today after church I made the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.  Gloriously and evenly brown on both sides, with the cheese at an optimum state of meltiness, I reveled in my creation.  I almost took a picture of it, but alas I did not.

And then I got greedy.

I wanted another sandwich, and I wanted it to be perfect like the first one.

I knew my battle would be hard fought, if for no other reason, many of my cooking conditions had changed.  My pan and burner were no longer cold.  They weren’t hot, not exactly, but they were no longer cool to the touch.  My two pieces of bread were both penultimate end pieces, so they weren’t quite as flat as the pieces of bread I had used on my previous sandwich.  I was using shredded cheese, which I also used in my first sandwich, but the cheese didn’t pile onto my bread in the same way.

Despite these varying conditions, I pressed on in my pursuit of grilled cheese perfection.   And my sandwich was good, but it was not perfect.  I had a bit of a fiasco when I flipped over the sandwich and all of the shredded cheese tumbled off of the bread and onto the pan.  Once I got all of the cheese back between the bread slices, however, the sandwich made a nice comeback.  Both slices of bread didn’t brown as evenly, though, with one of the pieces a little undercooked in the middle.

All in all, I enjoyed both of my sandwiches, but I was reminded that it never pays to get greedy.

2nd (not perfect but very good) grilled cheese sandwich
2nd (not perfect but very good) grilled cheese sandwich

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