Bantu Knot Out

Well, I haven’t tried bantu knots in ages.  The last time I did bantu knots was on wet hair that never got dry.  While I salvaged it from hot mess status, I haven’t been tempted to try again.  Today, however, I decided to try bantu knots on dry hair.  The word on the street is that on dry hair is the only way to do bantu knots.

I started with a nearly week old twist out.  I sectioned it, and in each section I applied my personal mixture of moisturizer and holding product, combed with a detangling comb, then brushed with a detangling brush.  Next I twisted each section.  Here’s a picture of what I looked like with my bantu knots in.

Roshaunda with bantu knots
Roshaunda with bantu knots

Of course I did this in the morning and had to wait all day to take out the knots.  Common wisdom dictates doing your knots before bed then letting them set overnight.  But my life didn’t allow for me to follow common wisdom last night.

Here is how I looked when I took down the knots.

Roshaunda with the bantu knots freshly unraveled
Roshaunda with the bantu knots freshly unraveled

And here is the final look.  It’s definitely frizzier than I would like, but I understand why.  Shortly before taking down my knots, I decided to luxuriate in a hot bath, which of course means my head was sweating.  I should have sat under a hood dryer or at least used a blow dryer on my hair before I took it down.  Lesson learned.

Roshaunda's final bantu knot out look
Roshaunda’s final bantu knot out look

At any rate, I think my bantu knot out ended up pretty nice.  I know I’ll get better the more frequently I do it.  Another positive is that I think TG might like it if we do this to her hair.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


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