TG is the queen of wasting electricity.  She leaves everything on in her wake.  She literally will have on both of the televisions in the house, lights in 4 different rooms, and be outside playing.  It goes without saying that turning off electronics is a conversation TG and I have often.

Well, when I got home from dance rehearsal today, the first thing TG said to me was, “Mom, you left the TV on.”  She didn’t say hi or any other such nicety.  She might as well have shouted “J’accuse!”

In my defense, I thought I had turned the tv off.  I usually hit the power button twice when turning off the tv to make sure that both the tv and the satellite turn off.  Apparently I paused the tv but didn’t turn it off.

My completely human (and might I add out-of-character) error seems to have brought great satisfaction to TG.  At first I was salty that she didn’t have room in her life for her mother to be fallible.  Later, however, I realized that my response to my inevitable failures is a much better lesson for TG than my saltiness.

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