Chocolate Salad

The other day TG, TB, and I were talking about salad.  I don’t know why we were talking about salad.  Wait. Yes.  Yes, I do know why we were talking about salad.

TG informed us that since chocolate grows on trees it was fair game for salads.  We actually had a pretty engaging conversation about where things grow and whether or not that makes them suitable for salad.

Next thing I knew, TB got all dreamy-eyed, as he is wont to do when he is about to drift off into a chocolate ecstasy, and he said, “When I’m older, like when I have my own house, or maybe before then, who knows, I’m going to make myself a salad with all of the regular salad stuff, like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and apples.  And Craisins – they’re dried cranberries, you know.  And I’m going to put in chocolate chips and chocolate syrup, and hot fudge.  And Dad’s special honey Italian dressing.”

Me: That sounds awful.  I can get with the chocolate chips, but the chocolate syrup and hot fudge?  That just sounds like a horrible mess.

TB: Nope.  It sounds wonderful.


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