Love is a Verb

Love isn’t the jittery feeling you get when that someone special walks into a room.  Sure, love might start that way, but love is an action, not an emotion.

Love happens in the daily grind of life.  When you wash the dishes, do the laundry, get medicine for the sick child, take vacation time to be present for someone else’s moment in the sun, buy groceries based on someone’s preferences other than your own, offer a smile instead of a frown – these are the actions that are love.

Love is sacrificial; it places other’s needs ahead of personal needs.  But love isn’t martyrdom; please don’t get these two confused.

Love might happen in the daily grind, but it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed, given, or received.

Love happens around us all day every day in the little moments that we might miss.

When your spouse gave you the remote, that was love.

When your child shared his excitement about a school project, that was love.

When your mom called to see how you were doing, that was love.

When dinner showed up on the table, that was love.

When the bills got paid, that was love.

So this Valentine’s Day, don’t just focus on what society tells us is romantic.  Discover the love that is all around you every day, and celebrate and cherish that.

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