How to Start a College

“It used to be the case that non-tenure-track faculty were assumed to be inferior to their tenure-line colleagues. These days, however, jobs have become so scarce in many fields that one’s position in the academic hierarchy is largely an accident of birth. One could probably instantly create a new university that would rival the world’s best simply by hiring from the pool of the un- and under-employed.” – Patrick Iber

I read the above quote today in an article in Inside Higher Ed by Patrick Iber titled “How to Treat Adjuncts.

That last sentence simply blew my mind.  That’s who I need to talk to to start my school.  And I know plenty of people who fall in that category.

Right now I have chills as my heart races at the very thought of something that could bring me closer to starting the school I’ve dreamed of for so long.  I have no doubt that such a collection of people would possess the collective wisdom to get this idea off of the ground.

So simple.  So profound.

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