In Training

Perhaps you’ve noticed I’ve been posting almost every day for the past week.  Well, I’m once again working on discipline.

I figure if I can make a habit of posting daily, or nearly so, that I will eventually be able to knock out all of the writing projects queued up in my head.  If I manage to do that, it will be a miracle, and all of you will be very tired of reading my words, because they will be so copious.  Aahh, one day….

I’m also practicing for NaNoWriMo, which is coming up soon.  NaNoWriMo is like a marathon, so I figured I should train ahead of time.  My last attempts at NaNoWriMo failed miserably, and I think perhaps I failed so spectacularly because I failed to train.

So I’ve designated October as my personal official NaNoWriMo training month.

Maybe I should get an outfit.  I’m thinking a colorful 1980’s aerobics leotard with matching leggings and a headband.  Too much?

Ooohh!  That just gave me an idea for a story.  NaNoWriMo here I come!


  1. I recently started following Kristen Lamb’s blog. It’s a bit of a strange thing for me to do since I’m not attempting to be a fiction writer at all and that’s what she’s focused on, but something struck me about it so I started following her. I recommend her – I’ve learned good things! Anyway, point is, she posted this post about nanowrimo recently that you might want to check out. I didn’t bother reading it because I was busy and I have no intention of attempting nanowrimo, so maybe it’s worthless. But if her other posts are any indication, I’d say there’s probably some good stuff in there for you.

  2. […] In addition to baffling me as the year of the first recorded hurricane in the US, 1667 is, more pressingly, the number of words I need to write every day in the month of November to successfully complete NaNoWriMo. […]

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