I’m Nine, You Know

Ah, another summer Sunday in the Cade household.

The Girl: Mommy, can we go swimming at the Y today?
Me: No. Actually I was thinking about going to Tower Grove Park so you and your brother can play in the fountain and wading pool.
TG: Yay! Can we do it, Mommy?
Me: Sure, if Daddy doesn’t have anything else planned we can go after your nap.
TG: Yay!

*the conversation lulls for a moment*

TG: Mommy, I have a great idea.

*I always get nervous when she prefaces anything with “I have a great idea.” Usually nothing great ever follows.*

Me: Oh? What’s that sweetheart?
TG: Why don’t you and Daddy drop me and my brother off at Tower Grove Park, and then just the two of you could go to Ted Drewes, and leave us at the park by ourselves, and go and pick up some ice cream and bring it back to us at the park?
Me: No. I don’t even leave you at home by yourself. You think I’m going to leave you at a big public park by yourself?
TG: You could. I’m nine, you know.

Originally posted on facebook on July 7, 2013

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