All About the Legs

The other day The Girl asked if she could wear shorts.  I responded, “No. It’s too cold for shorts.”
TG: Can I wear a skirt without leggings or tights?
Me: Really?  That was a nice try, though.

The next day it actually was warm enough for shorts, so she put on a pair that was too short.  The Husband told her to go change because her shorts were too short.

The next day she again put on a pair of shorts that was too short, and I told her to change.
TG: But Mommy, these are the shorts I wore on the first day of school.
Me: You’re taller now than you were on the first day of school.
TG: I am?
Me: Yes, you’ve grown since August.
TG: So my shorts are too short?
Me: Yes. I suppose I could have said your legs are too long since the change happened in your legs and not the shorts, but the way I see it is that your shorts are too short.  Please go change.

The Girl goes to change.

The Husband: Which shorts did she have on?
Me: The sparkle jean shorts. (I say that as if she has only one pair of sparkle jean shorts; we all know she has several.)
TH: Really?  Those are the same shorts she had on yesterday that were too short.
Me: New day, new parent.  I guess she thought it was worth a try.

Ah, summer is almost upon us, and for The Girl, summertime is all about the legs.


  1. I like it when a child perseveres, even though it may indeed lead to madness for Me and The Husband. Love that girl! (Although I must say, in the interest of fairness, that I’ve already seen enough fifth grade skin to last me until the first snow.)

    • Not fifth grade skin! How terrifying.

      Like you, Linda, I admire her gumption, but goodness it wears me out. At least she’s on her job. I’d be disappointed in the 8-year-old who didn’t at least give it a try. 🙂

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