This Little Light of Mine

After church I asked The Boy what he learned in Children’s Church and Sunday Morning Bible Study.

TB: In Children’s Church we talked a lot about ite.
Me: Did you say light?  L-I-G-H-T?
TB: Yes, light.  We talked a lot about light.  And then we drew our hands and drew faces on them and they were the members of our family.
Me: That sounds like fun.  What was the point of that exercise?
TB: I don’t know.
Me: Oh.  Why did you guys draw your hands and families?  What does that have to do with light?
TB: I don’t know.  We just did it.
Me: What scripture did you study?
TB: Scripture?  We don’t study scripture in Children’s Church.
Me: Really?  You never study study scripture in Children’s Church?
TB: Well, sometimes, but mostly we talk about scripture in Sunday Morning Bible Study.
Me: What did you learn about light?  Did you talk about Jesus is the Light of the world?  Or let your light shine?
TB: We talked about let your light shine.
Me: Well that is scripture.
TB: Really?
Me: Yes.
TB: That’s interesting.

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