French Master

The Girl: Time for a French quiz.  Un lion.
The Boy: What?
TG: Un lion.
TB: What?
TG: Un lion.
TB: I don’t know what you’re saying.
TG: Un lion.
TB: Oooohhh.  Lion.  That’s not how you say it.  It’s un lion.

His pronunciation was slightly different, emphasis on slightly.

TB: How am I supposed to know what you’re saying if you’re not pronouncing it right?
TG: Oh, so you’re a French master?
TB: Why yes, yes I am.
TG: Ok, how do you say hippopotamus?
TB: Un hippopotame.
TG: Wolf?
TB: Un loup.
TG: Ok, tiger.
TB: Un tigre.
TG: Well, what about snake?
TB: I don’t know how to say snake.  We haven’t learned it in class yet.
TG: Well, we have.
TB: That’s cuz you’re older.
TG: Snake is un serpent.
TB: Oh, I did learn that.  I just forgot.
TG: Hmph.  French master.

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