You Don’t Know Me

The Boy is into copying pictures by master painters and had just finished sketching out “Starry Night Over the Rhone” by Van Gogh.  He looked at his work and determined it wasn’t as good as Van Gogh’s.  I think he did a nice job, and I told him so.  He agreed that he had done a good job for a kid but insisted that any adult would have done better.

For those of you who know me, you know drawing is not my thing.  My mom says everything I draw looks like a barely recognizable cat.  Unfortunately, she’s not wrong.  So I told The Boy that not all adults are good draw-ers, and I used myself as an example.  I continued that although I’m not good at drawing, I’m good at other things.  I finished up by adding that everyone is good at something but no one is good at everything.

I felt very pleased with myself, until the following exchange occurred.

TB: Sure, Mommy.  You’re good at lots of things. Like….  Like….

The Girl: Oh, Mommy is good at lots of things.  Ummm.  Like, like, like….

*uncomfortably long pause*

TB: Well, Mommy, you’re good at being a mom.

TG: Yep. You sure are, Mommy.


Do I think it’s sweet that my children think I’m a good mom?  Of course I do.  What mom wouldn’t?  I also recognize, however, that my kids don’t think I’m good at anything else.  Or at least they don’t recognize I’m good at anything else.   Oh, I know that being a good mom entails being good at a wide array of skills, but they don’t know that.

If only they knew I used my writing skills to blog about their antics.


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