Some of our craziest conversations happen in the car, and this one is no exception.

The Girl: It would be cool if I had water in my stomach, and soil, and seeds.  Then the seeds could grow, and I could have a tiny fruit tree growing in my stomach.  Then when the fruit was ripe, the doctor could use something, like some really long tweezers, to stick down my throat and pick the fruit the out.  Then we could wash the fruit off, really clean, since it was in my stomach, and eat it.
Me: But trees need sunlight to grow, Sweetheart.
TG: Well, if I had a really good bright light I could put it in my mouth and eat it and swallow it, and then I would have light in my stomach for the the tree to grow, so we could have fruit.
The Boy: I wouldn’t want to do that.  You might, but I don’t.
TG: I don’t want that.  Why would I want soil in my stomach?
TB: But you were the one talking about it.
TG: I said, “If.”

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