Right to Vote

After our bedtime prayers.

The Boy: Who votes for President?
Me: Anybody who is over 18 and is a registered voter can.
TB: You mean the people?

Me: Yes.
TB: But I want to know who wants to be President.
Me: Well, a lot of people do. Like Barack Obama. He wanted to be President, and the people elected him.
TB: I know Obama wants to be President. But who else? Are there a lot of people to vote for?
Me: Well, there are only ever 2 people to vote for.
TB: So who is the other person?
Me: Probably Mitt Romney, but we don’t know yet. We have to vote to determine who will be the other candidate.
TB: But who is Mitt Romney?
Me: Romney is a Republican. Is that what you want to know?
TB: No. Who is Romney? What does he know? Has he even ever been Vice?
(The original conversation happened July 26, not last night.

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