Sweetheart Day

Today I spent the day with The Boy on his school field trip to the zoo.  We had a great time looking at the animals.  The kids even did sketches of various monkeys in their habitats.  The children especially seemed to enjoy watching the elephant simultaneously urinate and defecate.  They are first-graders, after all.

This evening at home, The Boy walked up to me, very conspiratorially, and urged me to the den, saying something about a surprise for his sister.  Well, he wanted to make a surprise for The Girl and asked me to help.  Once we were in the den and away from the prying eyes of The Girl, I asked The Boy what he had in mind.

TB: I don’t know, Mommy.  I just wanted to make something with you and I thought it would be nice to make something for my sister.
Me: That’s a great idea.  I love to make stuff with you.  What should we make?
TB: How about hearts?
Me: I think that will be perfect.

So we busily drew and cut and pasted and colored and wrote out cards for The Girl.  In the midst of our creating, The Husband peeked in and asked what we were doing.

Me: I’m making a surprise for The Boy.
TH: That’s nice.
TB: Mommy, we’re making a surprise for my sister.  Not for me.
Me: I know, but there’s no rule that says I can’t make a surprise for you, too.
TB: You’re making a surprise for me? *enormous grin*
Me: Yep.  You had such a good idea to make a surprise for your sister, I thought it would be nice to make a surprise for you.
TH: Aww.  That’s so nice, man.  You’re a good brother.
Me: And here it is.
TB: Thank you!

The Boy finished working on his card for his sister before he took a break to read the card I wrote for him.  When he finally picked it up and looked at it, he commented that it had a lot of words on it, so I told him I had a lot to say.  He read it aloud and beamed the whole time.  Then we took the cards we made for The Girl and presented them to her.  The Boy’s gesture made her day.

It made my day, too.  I couldn’t believe that after spending an entire day with me, he wanted even more time with me.  I know the days are fleeting that he will continue to seek my company, so I treasure each of them as they come.  That he chose to spend our time together doing something special for his sister touched me all the more.

The Boy could not have picked a more appropriate surprise to make today.  I’m convinced God placed it on his heart to make hearts for his sister, because the Lord knew that as we cut out paper hearts that our flesh hearts would fill to overflowing.


  1. For an anecdote that starts with simultaneously urinating and defecating elephants, MY surprise was how my heart was smiling by the end. 😀

    • Thanks, Rich. For some reason I didn’t see your comment until today, over a year later. I apologize for my delayed response. Thanks for reading!

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