Smokin’ Hot

Lady in the car in front of me,

It is 106 degrees fahrenheit outside.

Despite the heat, I see you with your arm hanging out the window and your cigarette dangling precariously between your fingers.

At first I feel bad for you, imagining your car doesn’t have AC.  Then I notice your passenger window is up.  I can only guess your passenger window is up because you have AC.  And it is working.  Maybe your arm isn’t long enough to reach over and roll down the window, just in case your car doesn’t have power windows.  But I bet it does.

This takes me back to your arm draped out of the window.

Isn’t it too hot to intentionally breathe fire?  Even dragons are taking a day off in this heat wave.  Then I realize that’s why you have the AC on and your window open.  You need the AC to mitigate the heat you’re pulling into your body and the insane temperature you must invite into your car because of the need to smoke.  It all makes sense now.

Until you absolutely blow my mind.

The cigarette drops to the road, you open your door, lean out (did you even have on a seatbelt?), pick it up, put it to your lips, inhale, stick your arm back out the window, and precariously dangle your cigarette between your fingers.

Wow.  On so many levels – wow.

Constantly amazed by humans,

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