Oh, the Nerve


Where did you go?

I have this fabulous idea.  Is it risky?  Yes.  Crazy?  By the standards of most.  Utterly impossible?  Absolutely, at least without God’s favor.

But I felt good about it despite the insane improbability of it all.  I felt like this was the direction God wanted me to go.  OK, I’ll be honest.  I still believe this is what God wants, but alas, I did one Google search too many.  After this most recent Google search, I think I learned too much.  I’m no longer living in the bliss of ignorance.  And now that I know more, I’ve lost my nerve.

Come back, please.  I need you.  I’ll press on without you, because I must, but this journey will be much easier if it is not solo.

Desperately seeking,


  1. Nerve does not only exist in the bliss of ignorance. Nerve is what gets you through once the ignorance has worn off. Your nerve is still there, it is just under a shadow. The good news is – shadows don’t last long.

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