Playing Beats

My DS loves to play the drums.  He plays them daily and only misses days when we are out of town.  Morning, afternoon, evening — any time is a good time to play, as far as he is concerned.

I love the varied beats I hear coming from him, but I especially cherish when I am invited to join in the fun.

“Mommy, will you play a beat with me?”  And I almost always say, “Of course!”  Then the jam sessions begin, with DS on the drums and me on the keyboard or vocals.  Sometimes DD joins in on the tambourine or recorder.  If we’re feeling really adventurous, we add a guitar to the mix.  None of us is particularly good at any of these instruments, but music brings us joy just the same, and we all have instruments we wish to learn and master.  My boy wants to take piano lessons, and of course, drums.

Finally he is old enough for drum lessons, and they began last weekend.  So everyday this week, he and I have practiced his ones, threes, and sixes.  I’ve never known much about drums, so I’ve been just as excited as he has to practice and learn.

Tonight when I got home from work, he was practicing his threes.  I walked in the room, grabbed two extra sticks and joined him, without even realizing I still had on my coat.

Like my DS, I’ve always loved music.  I find it both soothing and energizing, but most of all, I experience freedom through music.  I thank God for allowing me to share this passion with my DS, and I pray we will play many more beats together.

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