My Loves

In my ever evolving blogging quest, I find that I can never figure it what it is I want to blog about.

Some days it’s my kids; some days it’s writing. Other days it’s injustice, and still others it’s God. Some days it’s nothing.

How can I create and sustain a readership with such sporadic topics (and frequency)? I ask myself.

What do I want readers to get out of visiting my blog? I also ask.

Well, I’m not sure.

But what I did discover is that I always (well, almost always) want to blog about my loves.
God – There was the PSA from the other day.
My family – Well, there is the story of how TB and TG got into a knock-down-drag-out over how to spell liar. You had to have been there….
Education – I just read an interesting article about how focusing education on college and career preparedness might not be a good idea. Gasp. Oh, and the fact that I read education books for fun just might come to the fore. Doesn’t everyone read education books for pleasure?
Writing – Dare I say you’re acquainted with my tumultuous relationship with writing?
St. Louis – I love my city. What can I say?

So of course I googled all of those terms together. I didn’t find much. Perhaps this is my niche. Or not. We’ll have to wait and see.

Of course I love other things too – 19th Century American literature, Octavia E. Butler, eco effectiveness, chips and salsa (Mmm chips and salsa) – so I’ll probably write about those on occasion.

I guess my plan is to write about whatever is on my mind (I’m particularly interested in the places my loves overlap and intersect), and hope you stay with me on the journey.


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