∞ x The Force = Chuck Norris

My kids, particularly The Girl, are fascinated by the concept of infinity.  We talk about it a lot.  A lot.  The Girl also likes to make up math problems for The Boy.  During the car ride home the other day, she came up with some doozies.

TG: What’s the answer to this one?  10 + 2 – 2 +167 + 3 – 3 – 167….

Her problem went on for some time, but she continually added and subtracted numbers so that result would be 10.  The Boy nearly gave himself an aneurism trying to figure it out.

Then she moved on to questions that multiplied numbers by infinity.  The Boy tried and tried to figure out the answers, but he couldn’t quite understand why the answer was always infinity.

Me: If you multiply infinity by anything, you’ll get infinity.

TG: Not if you multiply it by 0.

What I said was, “Well, you’re right.”  But what I thought was, “The force in you is strong, yes.  Good use it for, not evil.  Choose wisely.”

I wonder if one day The Girl will Chuck Norris us all into submission.




    • Ha! It took me a moment to realize what M. Fibidy was, but once I said it out loud, I started laughing.

      It’s nice to know mine isn’t the only family concerned about such things.

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