Saturday Morning Shenanigans

I was on the phone with my dad when right before my eyes our clothes drying rack toppled over.  Curious, I went over to investigate.  I found one end of a tape measure tied to the clothes drying rack and the other end tied to a doorknob.  I also found The Girl giggling.

Me (on the phone): Apparently your granddaughter thought it would be a good idea to tie a tape measure to a drying rack and a doorknob to pull down the drying rack.
My Dad: Cracking up in the background.
TG: I didn’t know that was going to happen!
Me: What did you think was going to happen?
TG: I thought it would keep my brother from opening the door and trap him inside the den.

I turn to see The Boy, in hysterics, peeping through the cracked-open den door.

TB: I didn’t know it was going to fall down when I opened the door….

I righted the drying rack, walked away chuckling, and finished my conversation with my dad.  When I got off of the phone I found The Girl camped outside of the den sitting on a step stool, holding one end of the tape measure.  The tape measure was wound around a bundle of paper towels, and the other end of it was tied to the doorknob.

Me: What are you doing?
TG: Making a trap.
Me: Really?  What kind of trap?

The Girl explained how it worked.  The paper towels provided a weight that allowed her tension to keep the den door open to whatever degree she chose.  Then The Girl and The Boy demonstrated.  The Boy attempted to enter the den by walking right into the tape measure, but The Girl prevented him with her ingenious invention.

TG: I’m going to stop now.  This is getting heavy.

I had a lot of questions.  Why would your brother walk right into a tape measure that is clearly visible?  Do you really need the paper towels for this idea to work?  Could you have used something less bulky as your weight?  Why not just go under the tape measure?  But I didn’t ask them.  I just laughed, walked away, and told The Husband, “Those are so my children.”

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